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C ompex Business Expansion & Services, Inc.

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The Firm: 630-372-6652
E-mail: amorawski@compexbes.com

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Business / Employment – Opportunity Creation and/or Enabling, Growth, Expansion, Consolidation, Development, Re-structuring, Integration, Implementation, Maintaining, Support, Relationships

Business Development * Growth * Managing * Maintaining


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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. is a business firm focusing on revenue growth based on strategic business Modeling and Implementation

Our firm offers its Corporate America (Fortune 100 Level) and Financial (Venture Capital Investment and Specialized type of Knowledge) accumulated over many years' experience and infrastructure for serving and supporting our diverse clients' (Fortune 100 Level type of Corporations, Medium and Small Businesses, Organizations, Groups and INDIVIDUALS) important causes on many levels including: Management, Operations, Process Improvement and Re-Engineering, Market Share Expansion, Business Development and Sustainment, Revenue / Income Growth (with focus on Recurring, Residual and Volume based types) and on Individual level - Improvement of Lifestyle in many ways including Financial Education (the most important knowledge before any type of work is begun) and enablement of additional INCOME Streams.

Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. welcomes everyone and invites: Companies, Businesses, Organizations, Groups and Individuals to Working with us Together by integrating / joining available means to: increase revenue, withstand and overcome domestic and international economic pressures, constraints and progressing challenging changes, create winning cooperation and collaborations, fit into NEW Trends and win over constantly ramping competitive market forces.

Our Firm serves as a platform to Accomplish YOUR Objectives. Your Part is to Present them.

Our Main Value Proposition:

Through deep understanding of many dependencies and applying unique solutions
Create success on our clients' Business and Personal level.

The Platform to Meet and Find Good Solutions

Let's Meet - Let's Get Together - Let's Work TogetherSM

The Platform of Cooperation and Achieving
Business Opportunity & Cooperation Bank

Our Market Positioning and Objectives:

Our Unique Market Value Proposition:

Our Internal Values:


Firms' and Companies' Market Positioning offering Products or Services in New Economic Realities and Our Value Proposition:

Implementation of Our Offerings:

USA Economy State and its Impact on Your Business Future:



Communication with our Firm

is arranged in many ways: Email, Phone and Meetings. Because of the large number (in tens) of being received Emails from many sources every day, for the purpose of not overlooking any important ones like yours, we ask always for a parallel phone call first and a short explaining needs conversation to also let us know that the email was sent out if that was the case. This way no important Email (and your Needs) will be unnoticed.

We also ask for the caller advantage to formalize being presented Needs.
It is helpful in further understanding of matters and helps in developing future strategy and planing quicker.

Business & Business Matters
  • For Corporate America, Large Financial Firms, Large Organizations and Business(men/women) - Our Firm is offering a wide selection of insourcing functions to support Business Operations and Business Growth on this level. Please see the Profile of the Firm's founder and Section: Implementation of Our Offerings on this Page for related details. Please call and share your Needs. Please request our support.

  • For those who have Medium and Small Businesses and are looking for expansion - Please present by calling your: Needs, Growth Plans and envisioned Handling. A lot of improvements in Operations and in Revenue Generation can be achieved by Cooperation and Collaboration. The base of all of these is your PROactive phone call.

  • For All types of Businesses - Our firm made available means for lowering Costs of Operation on business services your business has already been using. Please call and ask and SAVE.

  • For those who need a car (in this case a JEEP) - There is a way to RECEIVE a coverage up to $600 a month for your car (if you decide for a JEEP) payments so you drive it FREE of monthly payments. It is possible, if you understand how the money works. We have Business Reviews leading to having a JEEP this way. Please call and ask. It is worth to remember that Financial System rewards generously those who learn how to use it SMARTLY.

  • For those who are looking for additional INCOME to address their: Needs, Aspirations, often long unfulfilled Dreams or Important Causes - Please present your ways to accomplish your objectives that NEED Support. Our Firm can be VERY helpful on this path. Also, our Firm offers an Overview of a very unique Program that was designed just to help in meeting your objectives. Some can be done by Cooperating and Collaborating and some by enabling an additional stream of INCOME that may become your main source for making living as it has for number of involved participants. Please call and ask for a sit to LEARN. This is our Community effort to self-support ourselves.

  • For those who are looking for their Customer Base Growth - Our Firm specializes in capturing or expanding for its Clients local (in the radius of about 10 miles) Customer Base. This market share can be worth millions of dollars a year. Please present your situation and Needs in these matters.

  • For those who are looking for Cooperation and Support to GROW - Our Firm created a Business Opportunity & Cooperation Bank(SM) to serve these purposes. Please provide your: basic information, cooperation type you are looking for, value you can create for members and become a member of OUR self-supporting Community. There is some information on that at this Page titled: Business Opportunity & Cooperation Bank(SM). For more information please call and ask. Please note that: Trust, Friendship, Help, and Support when you WANT to achieve something or NEED something could be BADLY – are PRICELESS!

  • PLEASE SEE OUR BUSINESS SERVICES POSTER - for more information for middle market needs

Let's Meet - Let's Get Together - Let's Work Together SM
  • For those who are looking for Financial Specialized Knowledge leading to higher income - Our firm is offering a very special Program overview allowing in many cases - significant income increase with very low own costs by intelligent (and legal) interaction with our Financial System. Our Financial System also consists of many on purpose placed there Provisions that could be exercised, if known how to do it. This in not taught in schools – perhaps because of obvious reasons (some have to rule and the rest must work), but one can find out about it, since all it takes is willingness to finding out and applying. Are you open for just learning, NOT necessarily constant working? How do you think, the millionaires come from? From working “overtime” as you do? If you are not an Ignorant to this knowledge, you may be able to do something with your life too. Money (they say) does not give happiness, but SURE help a lot on this way. Very simple example – imagine your life if you just received $2 million dollars. Wouldn’t your life change (for better) dramatically - instantly? Think about your Dreams and Desires or just about how you would like to change your daily life. Well, if you learn and are ALWAYS on the right path, then you also have high chances, but it requires just one thing – replacing your current Information in your head meant to be an employee (to make living) who will NEVER get there, by Information that gets people there. Simple. Haven’t you heard about millionaires? Why aren’t you one?
    Do you understand power of: Recurring, Residual and Volume based generated income? Do you understand how our Financial System works and why some are millionaires and you are (still) NOT, although you go to work every single day? You may call us and expose your mind to DIFFERENT knowledge and LEARN - finally what you should have known before “you touch any type of work”? Do you also want to help your Family and close Friends? Bring them to the Overview with you too. Possibly improving your lifestyle is worth touching a keypad of your cell phone and making a call - or not? Remember, everything what exists on the market is a result of functioning of various Business Models based on MANY variables put together in very custom way based on different knowledge and available infrastructures. Having "open mind" which means – thinking without compering to what I already have put in to my head and asking often WHY? instead comparing immediately what I hear to what I know or I have put in to my head - is THE way to a better life. Call and ask for your seat to be a part of this Program Review. We build a Community of Support to improve our lives.

  • For those who care for their health and want to be a part of additional income generation - Our Firm along Financial Information leading to better or for some deeply involved - much better INCOME - shares information on offered unique solutions in the area of delivering to your body what it really needs, but on cellular level. Helping also others with this is also an additional INCOME stream. Please call and ask for a seat to LEARN.

Special Services
  • For those who are looking for Luxury Personal and/or Cargo Transportation - Our Firm offers: Luxury (CHARTER based) Executive Personal Transportation – Beautiful Pearl Escalade - any distance and time of one time retaining for the purpose of: Comfort, Style of moving around, Pleasure, Convenience, Security and Discretion - if it’s needed and offers Luxuries (CHARTER based) truck for Valuables Transportation and their Owners - Beautiful, Big, Red, Powerful (good to pull any trailer), Comfortable, 1T Silverado "Big Dooley" truck also for any distance and time of one time retaining. If you need: Comfort and Special Care to travel by vehicle in the USA, Style then offerings of our Firm provide that. We ask to call and present your transportation Preferences and Needs.

Interesting Articles & Services' Summaries
  • For those who prefer reading Executive Summaries and/or Value Focused Articles - Our Firm offers a constantly being updated List of Important Reading Materials to improve your Business and Personal positioning. Some of them are informational and some require a deep realization. A lot more and easier can be achieved (by using better or different methods and by expanding Vision on better solutions) by Working Together. Our Firm exists just for this purpose. Let’s remember, everyone tries to arrive to the best solutions based on what he/she knows and is capable to do and that there is much more to know and necessary needed skills to achieve easier and more and also to AVOID LOSING. All begins from making a phone call to our Firm and presenting your own situation and Needs/Objectives. Made available here materials help greatly on this path. Let’s note also: Cooperation Makes Wonders, but outside of so called Comfort Zone often in reality creating big discomfort.

Special Meetings:


Suit of Advantages in Short:


Our firm represents and makes available competitive business expertise and infrastructure, applies special care to meet its clients' market objectives and wishes all creative growth and business success.


Please remember our telephone number  630-372-6652 and share your Needs.


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