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USA Economy State and its Impact on Your Bysiness Future

US Economy is in Depression state much bigger than Great Depression of 1929. However, its character, environment as well as methods of handling is qyite different. At this stage, there is no good solution and cannot be. The ennormous unsolvable economic downturn this time is being spread on next generations in hope of system servival since there is no other better solution. Nothing happens by itself and also this applies to the current incoming economical unavoidable tsuname. Since all of these negative changes progress very slowly (economic inertia) although constantly accelerate, they are not immediately noticable, but WILL BE effecting everybody very SOON when for many will be too late to counteract unless acting pro-actively.


The current economical state of the US is different than any in the past history of the country. The internal and external debt (biggest in the history of the US and the World as well) created by decisions on economy structuring and colossal mismanagement will soon cause a loss of economical domination in the world and position the US as the biggest debtor and risk offerer that in turn will dramatically alter everyone’s live here in the USA for worse – especially and mainly for middle class. The accounting on the national level can be and is streached although it should never be, but this technique has its limits too and the consequences of this practice are just behind the corner. The new life style will be on the level not known to currently living in the US. This development cannot be stopped and will not be. The only efford that that has been applied was to spread the economical downturn over next generations for the purpose of hope of sustaining the whole system. Most of current business problems will become best case scenerious in the future.


MANY Businesses and Individuals will leave marketplace due to warsening market conditions, but some will survive and some prosper. Even though only for some, there are positive ways and solutions yet they are based on total restructuring of our market positioning, diffrent way of value creation for others and above all different way of our thinking and ways how we work. Currently, among those who already see these developments clearly, there is a race for a better fit to the future economy and those who take very active participation in this process significantly increase their chances for better life in NEW US Economy.


New Business Models - stressing on Consolidation (with respect to tangeables and untungeables) and Cooperation to sustain (sometimes also increase) revenue, lower own costs and increase market penetration in currently dying markets through various techniques: strategy, structuring and efficiency increase – are cornerstones of our future positioning and possibilities for prosperity. Only our innovative approach, flexibility and fulfilling dilligently requirements of New World Business Models can significently increase our chances for achieving better or also sometimes good future living.


The above summary illustrating constant and unstoppable economy deterioration explains seriousness of this situation. Our Firm – Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. focuses its value proposition on current and future business needs of Businesses, Organizations and Individuals in New Economy. Our understanding of business environment, trends and effective methods in business conduct and also offered by us our infrastructure for business sustainment, development and gtowth and expertise for everyday operations are based on: very unique of broad spectrum practical knowledge gathered over many years in best business environments in America and also on our own analysis and solution modeling. All who think about their future proactively (the best) and often at the last minute should consider our firm as a valuable addition to their plans.



Time is running short. There is nothing more to say. Now is needed only Active Involvement to hopefully making things happen. Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. offers necessary and key elements for this Active Involvement.