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Firms' and Companies' Market Positioning offering Products and Services
in New Economic Realities and Our Value Proposition

Markets are becoming constantly more and more competitive due to more and more sophisticated and scientific methods to acquire market share and customer base. Every business must perform all business functions needed for seamless business conduct and also focus on outperforming competition since there is not enough market for all who would like to have financially meaningful positioning. There are many internal business sectors and functions that must be created and maintained such as: very good business team, unique and competitive marketing, well put together highly effective internal and external organization, compliance and constant fit evaluation and adjustment towards constantly modifying market driven needs and perceptions and many others that are part of everyday operations. All market rules apply to all businesses regardless of their size and are not forgiving. Skipping over some functions initially creates savings, but at the same time increases risks which cost - when they materialize as problems - is much higher than the cost of proper business conduct and in most cases this is a matter of only when not if. For example, lower efficiency and effectiveness in comparison to the competition translates to: higher costs, higher risks, waisting energy on increased problem resolution instead using it for businesses growth, lower revenue and longer hours – overall weakening of the business and often leads to gradual take over of „our” customer base by our competition what in turn imposes vey high costs of regaining market position or in case of insufficient financing/budget – causes business collapse.

The underlying reason is very simple. There are more businesses than customer base size capacity to buy. The natural way of solving this inbalance is elimination of non-competitive entities. Solution to avoid it is proper and effective business managing and maintaining on regular basis focusing on pro-activity.


In parallel, the state of the US Economy is unforgiveable for business mistakes, insafficiency, ineffectiveness or omissions. The solution to the above and many other difficulties is having own Expert Team that is capable and does address with success all of vital importance business functions on the basis of BETTER - FASTER - CHEAPER. Let’s not forget also about other critical elements of running business successfully such as: Knowledge, Infrastructure, Capital, Business Team and Time. Market interaction is a long term commitment and must be performed always better than the competition can.


Let’s also be constantly aware that if we do not constantly focus on sustaining or growing our customer base at the expanse of other businesses (since there is no real economical growth), definately someone else at the same moment does it and our business looses. Simply saying again, there is not enough customer base to sustain growing or existing number of businesses. In such case, weaker must and do leave the marketplace.


The basis for success among different business models accompanied by various associated risks is Value Creation in the area of Products and Services that better meets current and new expectations of customer base by better solution offerings. This model must be supported by: applied high market and business knowledge and also qualifications in running business, better infrastructure for  business conduct and customer reach, better market understanding and based on that fit creation, better understanding of our own positioning and areas to strenghten, higher effectiveness and efficiency in methods and tools for market capturing and sustainment and by many other necessities to withstand constant, simultanous and numerous changes in the marketplace on many levels resembling ”Moving Target” which if not properly addressed presents  selfexplanatory consequences.


Why cooperation is necessary? Because needed by us and even more so demended by marketplace: knowledge, time and money to run operations PROPERLY (good frontal market positioning, low risk, satisfying revenue and all involved supportive operations that need attention) exeed capabilities of a single person or often business itself unless some activities are outsourced. Times of meaningful competing on individual basis have ended many many years ago from the long term perspective and are dramatically impracticle in light of drastic changes of global and even more so domestic economy caused by wrong structuring and mismanagement with hughe and long-lasting (generation time spent) downturn consequences being already behind the corner such as destruction of American Dollar value,  global competition effecting almost everyone directly or indirectly, and constantly changing rules and regulation usually focusing on restrictions requires entirely new market fit and operations.


Solution (for those who want to make it) is: Consolidation of what is needed by Cooperation! This allows o hughe reduction of never ending work and cost for proper addressing internal and external business activities which in most cases is impossible on individual basis as presented above. Let’s remember again that there is not enough marketplace even for existing businesses let alone for new ones (except some) but in some cases there is still time to rescue what we have achieved or even succeed but it is only possible for those who do not waist any time, are adaptable to new enviroment and ready to create new business structures. Our firm Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. serves this purpose.


The key and basis for all positive solutions is Close Genuine Cooperation on all levels.