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Let's Meet - Let's Get Together - Let's Work TogetherSM

Platform Structure:      Let's Meet - Let's Get Together - Let's Work Together SM

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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. welcomes all and in particular those who strive to increase their revenue through the use of new business solutions, their business or working environment needs including internal and external improvements focusing on efficiency increase, savings on unnecessary spending and overall growth. Our Firm also welcomes all who plan to begin their business or looking at this stage for cooperation to not work for others any more and also this way by building their own customer base and who want to increase their revenue which translates to many positives in life.

Our Program Let's Meet, Let's Get Together, Let's Work Together
SM founded by our Firm is very unique in the area of competitive business growth and in particuler in today's economy facing this time currency crisis all over the world and especially here in the USA with its debt of $20 trillion or $100 trillion dollars which is being attended by the last ten years only by means of quantitive easing or similar measures leading to the currency distruction. The US debt is the biggest in the history of humanity. The value of derivatives that is about $700 US trillions and many other key parameters will impact enormously negatively everyone's life style especially of middle class. Our very timely and very well focused on current and especially future needs Program / Movement Let's Meet, Let's Get Together, Let's Work Together SM is our response to help, to create value and to enable care for all in a need. The Program focuses on combining the most important elements that is: growth and defense against coming financial tsunami by applying COOPERATION in the area of knowledge and especially financial knowledge, infrastructure, teaming, financing or equivalents to serve in very innovative way to all who look for help or care. Let's remember that the US debt of $20 trillion or $100 trillion is never repayable, is constantly growing and its growth is unstoppable and as such cannot be without any impact on the economy or us or you and is semi-managed only to the point (that is not far to the future). The quasi-sastainability is temporarily based only on just money printing or creating it electronically (by typing some amount in the computer as assetts). The debt is increasing in high hundreds of billions a year and the money is created from thin air and is used to pay the interest of the US foreign debt. Also the US debt being for a long time now bougth by China and Japan and if that was not the case, there would not be American dollar already. This only leads to DEPRESSION of magnitude the humanity has never seen before. The result will be astronomic price increase, taxes increase, loss of jobs and new reality as "This is your Problem". The outside result also will be a loss of American dollar position as the only currency for international trade which will accelerate the Depression. This will cause a dramatic decline in standard of living which at this moment is far from envisioning.

It is necessary to realize, that this is a very slow process, but also irriversible and the colapse will hapen in one moment (since the whole monetary system around the world operates electronically). Let's also remember that to have money needed for living there must be jobs and those jobs will not be there. Only those with the best market positioning will sustain their living standard and even prosper. There is also another method for many to use for their benefit in the just coming times which is spearheaded by our Firm and is based on cooperation. Our Firm specializes in this unique approach to serve all for their benefit. For that reason, we are offering a focused Program under the name of Business Opportunity & Cooperation Bank
SM where all belong to benefitting based on cooperation principles. Please read about this Bank on our website AND JOIN. Everything there focuses on mutual helping in meeting your needs by benefits of restructuring the approach. Our Firm organizes these activities and serves all who want to JOIN and BENEFIT. Please contact us sooner than later since there is inertia in everything, but action is needed now. To find out ourselves in much better situationthat the incoming times, a totally different approach and interaction with the market is needed. Not only businesses must restructure but also Individuals in everything what they do. We are helping in these matters as well. Our Opportunity & Cooperation Bank SM is a unique answer to already current and soon future needs and is a tremandous help to address the New Economy and a very wise to deal with it especially for middle class.

Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. in responce to a demand to address many critical business related needs welcomes all and invites Businesses, Organizations and Individuals to join our Business Opportunity & Cooperation Bank
SM to achieve objectives based on cooperation as one of the most effective and the least expensive approaches to look for successful solutions to incoming problems if not attended.

Our Firm gathered and makes available very specific business and organizational knowledge and infrastructure to its clients and wishes all creative growth and happiness being a result from achieved success and especially if based on cooperation.

Please remember our telephone number: 630-372-6652.to-style7"

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