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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc.
 7042 Hemlock St, Hanover Park, IL. 60133
Voice: 630-372-6652
Fax: 630-372-6653, E-mail: amorawski@compexbes.com 

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Business / Employment – Opportunity Creation and/or Enabling, Growth, Expansion, Consolidation, Development, Re-structuring, Integration, Implementation, Maintaining, Support, Relationships

Better * Faster * Cheaper * Easier * Smarter * more Money

Our Market Positioning and Objectives

Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 and addresses vital business needs on Corporate, Medium and Small Business and Individual levels by developing and/or co-developing competitive (Fortune 100 quality) business models and solutions in accordance to: dramatic changes in current Economy, markets of Services and Products and NEW Economical trends.


Our firm foundation of expertise is based on 20+ years experience on the level of leading USA Corporations and Investment Firms augmented by our own economy and market analysis, research and understanding with innovative solution proposals. Our firm represents multi-year on many levels experience in interdependent business structures and offers its expertise and capabilities towards value creation for its clients.


Our firm specializes in mutually depended and complementing business management sectors addressing objectives and needs of diverse types of Businesses, Organizations and Individuals. We engage on company direct or indirect co-ownership, department, management: Program and Project level, by specification or partnering, on one-time or long term basis for the purpose of creating, developing or maintaining of businesses, new opportunities or re-engineering existing business structures through means of BETTER - FASTER - CHEAPER - EASIER - SMARTER - more MONEY approach towards strengthening market positioning and in particular by means of various market expansion methods - increasing market share, increasing revenue and lowering own costs. We also serve as a platform fostering Cooperation on all levels to address diverse business needs in expedited or the only possible most effective way.