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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc.
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Business / Employment – Opportunity Creation and/or Enabling, Growth, Expansion, Consolidation, Development, Re-structuring, Integration, Implementation, Maintaining, Support, Relationships

Better * Faster * Cheaper * Easier * Smarter * more Money

Implementation of Our Offerings

Knowledge, Money, Time, Infrastructure, Good Team and more than anything else - own True Will are cornerstones of success. The most important one is real Commitment to Achieve. In most of other cases the other cornerstone business elements are just derivatives of this one. Our firm Compex Busines Expansion & Services, Inc. complies with this understanding and creates and offers value in the area of all key business cornerstones and many of their derivatives on the basis of  BETTER - FASTER - CHEAPER. Our firm invites Businesses, Organizations and Individuals realizing the necessity or which are already in a need of Cooperation to grow and desire avoidance of consequences of incoming economic catastrophy proceeded by constantly raising costs and decreasing buing power of customer base. Combining critical resources required by today’s and future marketplace is much less expensive and dramaticalkly shortens time for revenue generation, sustainment or increase and is a reward for correct economical thinking, flexibility to changes, openmindness to new type of reality and functioning and decisiveness to achieve under new economical conditions.


Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc. offers critical values for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals and invites all who look for Cooperation, Help and Success.



In response to the market trends and businness needs of Businesses, Organizations and Individuals our firm:

       Offers – competitive based on trend analysis, innovative business solutions alligned to current and future economic conditions and expressed needs

       Complements – necessary business functions for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals

       Shortens – precious time of reaching markets for Products and Services to outdistance competition and to accelerate means of revenue increase

       Cooperates and Works Together – with Businesses, Organizations and Individuals in the area of first of all Value Creation and than supports revenue increase mainly by growth, decreasing own costs, market expansion and retainment

       Combines – Business Entities, Expertise and Infrastructures for purpose of rapid realization of business objectives


and in particular realizes:

    Values for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals:

       Business / Employment – growth focus, revenue increase, structuring, re-structuring, opportunities: creation, enabling, development, implementation, integration, consolidation, managing, processes, contacts and relationships

       Business Communication and Pre-Evaluations – availability of time to listen, pre-evaluation to assess current business positioning and its fit to possible solutions

       Business Presentations – per submitted requests of: Businesses, Organizations and Individuals for the purpose of acquiring or expanding market their positioning. Informational Presentations are offered by our firm on market and business running insides

       Economy & Your Business Future News – event driven publication addressing important Economic and Business developments and trends having impact on business positioning of Businesses, Organizations and Individuals

    Values for Individuals:

       Uniqe aproachment of Individual Business Needs as for Corporations – market positioning, individual marketing, position restructuring or maintaining

       Professional Development Adjustments to New Job Markets in the USA – professional market value increase, career development and change, matters of employment in reference to drastic economical changes in the US and globally as long as it is still possible

       Business Consultations – evaluations, solution scenerios

  Values for Businesses, Organizations - Specific Business Functions and Focus:

       Int’l and Domestic Matrix Business Management - Program, Project, Product, Service level – multi-year experience in managing multi-million value high stake Programs, Projects or Undertakings in corporate environments staffed by multi-hundred, multi-cultural engineering teams - especially benefiting Medium and Small Business where it is seldom used because of low exposure and in particular effective management techniqes, General Management at Companies or their Departments such as: Product or Service Development or Management, Operations, Marketing, Contracting and Contracts, Process Implementation and Re-engineering, Quality and Control, Pilot Implementation, Testing and Verification, Customer Interaction and Service, Training, Research, Compliance and Regulatory (there are about 350 regulatory agencies in th US constantly amending the regulatory landscape)

       Process Creation, Implementation, Re-engineering and Management – ISO 9001 – for creation competitive, highly effective and winning market Organizations in the area of Service or Product – cultural fit, structure design, implementation, monitoring and management

       Strategic and Innovative Marketing – approach and infrastructure for customer base (and revenue) growth and sustainment for position balancing or competitive advantage – addressing thousands of prospects on select days on face-to-face basis to earn trust by: learning needs, presenting own expertise and offering and providing solutions to create win-win value in the environment of trust and care - planning, preparation and servicing for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals

       Competition Reduction, Balancing, Mitigation, Avoidance and Neutralization – better market offerings and practices based on Better-Faster-Cheaper approach in accordance to existing regulations and by using unique infrastructure

       Regulations, Market Requirements – analysis and incorporation for business modeling and compliance

       Venture Capital Investment and Investment Banking Financing – available close investment relationships for multi-million financing (supported by appropriate merits) - time to discuss availability, Business Plan pre-evaluation, unique Relations and Communication Infrastructure

       Economy and Market Intelligence - Research and Analysis – functional mechanisms, competitive practices, business information verification, unique competitive solutions, effective methods and approaches for making most correct business decisions

       Medium and Small Business – market positioning increase based on best Corporate Practices, new avenues for market penetration, innovative inflencing, growth opportunities and planning, revenue increase, consolidations for cost containment and customer base growth

       Business Positioning Strengtening and Management – effectiveness, efficiency, restructuring, risk analysis and corrective mechanisms by employing corporate (Fortune 50) best and competitive practices

       Competitive Business Structure Building and Re-engineering – specialized business model: development, re-engineering and implementation, internal and external structuring towards competitive interaction with markets

       Revenue Increase based on Value Creation – in existing and newly created business structures - cost containment, customer base growth, efficiency increase

       Strategic Business Contacts and Relationships – to offset or reduce competitive market trends and foster long term based on care and mutual support win-win cooperation

       Business / Marketing / Financial / Operational Modeling and Plans for Strategic Market Interaction – being a fundation of business existance – cooperative planning and implementation of innovative market solutions, statistical and psychological approach including human factor and solution / influance for a change / fit into current and future needs and market trends, co-development and implementation of innovative market solutions, analysis of hundreds of parameters and structure design and refinement

       Everyday Business Support – availability to insource requests requiring specific market sector expertise for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals

       Difficult Business Cases – (requiring special knowledge and care) – consultations, involvement

       Liaison Services – highly skilled negotiation and influence techniques to address delicate matters requiring deep integrated understanding of human nature and internal and external market interactions

       Domestic and Int’l Trade Support – promotions, prezentations, opportunity representation, preparation, market offering assessment, support, marketing channels analysis and parallel creation, relationships, negotiations and instrumental interaction with business points of contact

       Business Opportunity & Development Bank SM – a platform to interface and create cooperation towards meeting business objectives for Businesses, Organizations and Individuals who recognize necessity and benefits of Cooperation in the area of: knowledge, infrastructure, finances, risk lowering and potentially higher revenues, consolidation, complementing and effort re-balancing to achieve / accelerate revenue growth and strenghtening market positioning. Please call to submit your needs, propositions and offered fit