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Compex Business Expansion & Services, Inc.
 7042 Hemlock St, Hanover Park, IL. 60133
Voice: 630-372-6652
Fax: 630-372-6653, E-mail: amorawski@compexbes.com 

Top of / Szczyt: E N G L I S H    V E R S I O N    /    A N G I E L S K A   W E R S J A

Business / Employment – Opportunity Creation and/or Enabling, Growth, Expansion, Consolidation, Development, Re-structuring, Integration, Implementation, Maintaining, Support, Relationships

Better * Faster * Cheaper * Easier * Smarter * more Money

Our InternalValues

       Business success focus / scope and objectives set forth, leadership per vision, strategy and experience, value creation / expectation, communication enabling participation and cooperation of diverse cultural environments, understanding of human nature

       Reliability, Accountability, Loyalty, Creativity, Constant Knowledge and Skills Upgrading, Professionalism and drive for Achieving Success

       Focus on synergetic working environment creation